Cold chain quick freezing, we are more professional.

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Professional supplier of IQF freezing equipment
JET ColdChain, A strong combination by ZhongRong Group and JET UK Foodtech Group, devotes to manufacturing advanced quick freezing equipment and food machinery for food industry.
Possess rich application data
Based on the stored application data, it becomes more convenient and efficient for JET to customize products for requirements of different clients.

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Provide professional freezing solution
With more than 15-year international freezing technology application experience.
JET supply full ranges of quick freezing equipment and make tailored design to meet different food industry needs.
Main spare parts in stock by JET to improve the efficiency of your plant and increase production yield.
The equipment with different specifications can be applied to all frozen food industry, such as seafood, meat, poultry, pastry, bakery, preserved food, ice cream, etc.

Cover all frozen food industry